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Friday, February 22, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

If you are like me (a total deviant and pervert), you probably make a bunch of kinky resolutions each January that you have no real intention to honor. In that spirit I decided to share my own New Year's swinging resolutions this year in January's "Swingers Corner". If I keep even one of these resolutions, or attain even one of these sexual goals, I'll be surprised.  But who knows?  Miracles do happen.  And I am a man of fucking faith.

Brent Bomber's Top 20 Swinging Resolutions for 2013:

1. Revise the Mayan calendar so that every hot female in North America must fuck me before 12/21/13 in order to save the world and avoid apocalyptic destruction.

2. Make everyone believe the shit I wrote in #1 is actually true.

3. Return to the Playboy Mansion in L.A. for another party with Hef, but this time convince him that I truly am his illegitimate bastard son, and am worthy and deserving of my place on his throne when he finally does croak.

4. Attend just one national swingers or porn star convention where Ron Jeremy is not in attendance.  Like everyone, I love the guy, but damn, that super-fucker is everywhere!

5. Hang-out with Jenna Jameson again when she can at least pretend that she is happy to be wherever she is appearing.

6. Hang-out with Jesse Jane again anywhere, anytime, and put my arm around her tiny waist once more.

7. Not get married and divorced again...in the same year at least.

8. Fuck a hot mother (<40) and a daughter (18>) at the same time, in the same bed, and well...I know there isn't much chance of this shit happening.

9. Be reverse gang-banged by a busload of illegally immigrating Russian and East-European models in exchange for promising them green cards (I'd give them a Swinging Atlanta membership card because they can't read English).

10. Find a penis-enlarging pill that actually works.

11. Help every desperate single male find some pussy so they will leave me the fuck a lone.

12. Find a large "herd" of "unicorns" (single female swingers), so that all the couples looking for them will leave me the fuck alone.

13. Encourage all horny female swingers to drink more heavily so that I will look more attractive in their drunken-ass eyes.

14. Sail on a high-end, luxury swingers cruise where the median age of attendees is under the age of seventy.

15. Marry and divorce Brittany Spears and become know as "B-Bomb" after getting a sevenfigure alimony settlement (ignore resolution #7).

16. Visit another nudist resort filled with mature naked women whose breasts are actually still located above the waist line.

17. Visit another nudist resort filled with mature naked men whose balls are actually still located above the ankles.

18. Fuck all the skanky Hollywood starlets that every guy pretends to hate, yet to whose pics he secretly jerks-off: Paris, Brittany, Christina, Angelina, and Lindsay.

19. Wash all the cum stains off my shorts-and my computer screen.

20. Have an MFM with Rick Santorum and Courtney Love. Then laugh at Rick when I point out I was the only one to use a condom.

Brent Bomber
Jan. 2013

Traveling Swingers

It is no secret that swingers constitute a slowly, but steadily-growing segment of the population in the U.S. and around the world.  Swingers clubs are opening in many major cities, and we are even seeing television shows about swinging on such mainstream networks as TLC, shows such as the new series "Swinger Wives," that I actually helped to cast.

One of the segments of growth in the lifestyle community has occurred in the travel industry, however.  This growth has been in the form of many new (or converted) resorts that now cater exclusively to the lifestyle community (nudists, swingers, and all kinds of people who just like to party naked).  In addition to the long-standing and well-known resorts such as Hedonism and Desire, all kinds of new naked party spots have been opening in Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and in Europe.

To assist in the marketing and promoting of such lifestyle resorts, there has also been a plethora of new travel agencies.  My good friends Jon and Lori have had great success with their Shoes Only Travel.  I have also been fortunate enough to get to know some great folks such as Jim and Char with Char Travel, and Jim and Champagne of Castaways Travel, two  additional couples who are doing some amazing work bringing more lifestyle trips to the aforementioned destinations around the world.

Inspired by their successes, and the growing demand for clothing-optional vacations and cruises, I recently launched another venture to help get naked people together around the world, Playmates Travel.  Having spent the last eight years hosting and promoting swingers parties in Atlanta, and a good deal of time the last few years traveling the world, I decided it was time to merge these interests in the form of a travel agency for swingers that drew on my own expertise-promoting fun parties with hot naked chicks.

Those who have not yet been to a lifestyle resort, or have not yet taken a cruise with a bunch of naked swingers may be curious as to what to expect from these kinds of vacations.  Of course, your experiences will be wildly divergent based upon a number of obvious variables, but I will begin by saying that first of all you can expect to enjoy the "normal" things-beaches, pools, eating, drinking, sight-seeing, and dancing the night away under some beautiful and exotic stars.

 Of course the main reason that kinky and horny people book trips and cruises that include swingers, is that they are looking for those two extra components that they cannot find at Disney World or on any family-oriented vacation-pussy and dick.  While there is never any guarantee of getting laid in any particular place or time-in Atlanta or abroad-the odds of infinitely better if you travel to a destination that includes a lot of other horny people who are also looking for exotic sexual escapades.  And in my own personal experiences, I can say there is definitely a fair share of sex and hooking-up that occurs on every lifestyle vacation, whether in the hot tubs, around the pool decks, in designated play rooms, or in private sleeping rooms or cabins.  The bottom line is that these trips are a thousand times more fun, exciting, interesting and orgasmic than your average family vacation because you are surrounded by other open-minded, sexy and naked people, not by a gaggle of crying babies and whining toddlers.

In short, if you enjoy the swinging lifestyle locally, you must invest at least some of your vacation budget into the exploration of the great variety of lifestyle trips now available.  Some are definitely more pricy than their vanilla counterparts- and worth every penny.  And for current information on some of the latest and greatest naked vacations and cruises, at the best pricing anywhere, visit my new site at www.PlaymatesTravel.com.

Brent Bomber
Feb. 2013